Together in Heaven

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Nov 14th 2012

Together in Heaven

Raising a child is no easy task. In the book The First Part Last by Angela Johnson, the reader gets a firsthand look into the life of a young man as he struggles to raise his daughter. This tale hardly seems fiction with the number of teenage pregnancy on the rise. The main character, Bobby, is not unlike your average 16 year old boy; he spends his time doing homework, hanging out with friends at the local arcade, but that all changes when his girlfriend, Nia, shows up at his birthday party with a concerned look on her face and a red balloon in hand. She brought with her news that would change their lives forever. They were having a baby. As the pregnancy progressed the young couple was more confused than ever--between social workers, parents, and school they were not sure what was the right thing to do. Deciding whether they should keep the baby or give it up for adoption was by far the most difficult decision they could ever think of. However Nia and her parents made the decision to give the baby up for adoption. Bobby had no say; this was Nia's decision to make. Tragically, Nia's death changes everything. The First Part Last is a story about teenage pregnancy and its effects on Bobby.

While giving birth Nia's gets eclampsia, a life threatening complication. She then fell into a vegetative coma. The baby was delivered and it was up to Bobby to decide his daughter's future. Even after attempted reasoning by the social worker he knew that his daughter, Feather, was meant to be his to raise. After seeing how much she looked like Nia there was no doubt in his mind that he would keep her. For the first time Bobby felt that he was “not just some kid,” but “being a man” by taking responsibility for his daughter (126) He tells the social worker “But I love her, and even though I'm not


set up for her, she's mine and I'm hers.”

Completely unprepared he took her home and began...
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