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Topics: Education, Psychology, History of education Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: October 27, 2010
There is nothing an uneducated person can teach to an educated person

On this topic, is essential to distinguish between what is important to learn in this life. Of course there are as many opinion as people in the world, so I would try to focus this essay on my personal opinion.

Educated people are more capable to teach other people in the areas they have their education based. On one hand an educated person can teach social behaviors as good manners, since he was living at a proper atmosphere from his very childhood, an on the other hand he can also teach specific or technical areas that he has may studied before as economy, history or art.

However it is also necessary to point that there is nothing more important that what the life can teach us. This knowledge depends on the age, the complexy of the life, and the capacity to understand problems and learn from them. Since no special and high education is required to learn form life, I think that people form any social strate can teach to the others., uneducated people included.

At the school we are tought essential knowledge and some people go on their studies attending to highschool and collage, another due to circumstances or a personal decision don't assist to lectures anymore. They normally start working very soon, so the introduce to the real live much earlier that the those others who are at classes, so we could say that working and facing problems teach much more about live and scarified. Their experiencies not only are examples to follow in some aspects, bus also are an opportunity to the other people to compare and thanks their chance for having education that for sure has made their lifes much easier.

In conclusion, we could say that depending of which field some people are better to teach. I would like to finish saying that the best option is to learn from educated and uneducated people, so you can have both examples to compare and then you are able to take advantage of them.
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