TOEFL Test Questions

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1. In certain types of poisoning, immediately give large quantities of soapy or salty water in order to inducevomiting.  (A) control
(B) clean
(C) cause
(D) stop
2. He was mystified by the look on the stranger's face. 
(A) perplexed
(B) shocked
(C) upset
(D) excited
3. I was horrified to see the child about to cross the expressway alone.  (A) ashamed
(B) shocked
(C) nervous
(D) surprised
4. The secretary left after weeks of harassment by the manager of her department.  (A) teasing
(B) irritation
(C) absence
(D) goading
5. It is very discourteous to intrude during someone's conversation.  (A) find fault
(B) disagree
(C) be in the way
(D) leave quickly
6. The Civil War in 1863 cut the United States into two nations - a southern Confederacy and a northern Union.  (A) severed
(B) acknowledged
(C) integrated
(D) alienated
7. Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret over small problems.  (A) worry about
(B) get angry about
(C) get involved in
(D) look for
8. Proximity to the court house makes an office building more valuable.  (A) Interest in
(B) Similarity to
(C) Nearness to
(D) Usefulness for
9. The new amphitheater was based on the ancient Greek design.  (A) underwater theater
(B) oval theater
(C) sound and light theater
(D) mini-theater
10. Primary education in the United States is compulsory.  (A) free of charge
(B) required
(C) excellent
(D) easy

1 C
2 A
3 B
4 B
5 C
6 A
7 A
8 C
9 b
10 B

1. Perhaps more than anything else, it was onerous taxes that led to 'the Peasants' Revolt in England in 1381.  (A) multiple
(B) unjust
(C) burdensome
(D) infamous
2. An appendectomy is a routine operation. 
(A) cheap
(B) small
(C) usual
(D) quick
3. In the play "Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?" a woman and her husband spend most of their time quarreling.  (A) bickering
(B) gossiping
(C) teasing
(D) chuckling
4. Jane suffered a light blow on her head as she got out of the car.  (A) jump
(B) hump
(C) bump
(D) stump
5. Since the research studies have shown a relationship between cancer and cigarette smoking, many people have cut down.  (A) ceased smoking
(B) become frightened
(C) decreased the number of cigarettes
(D) gotten sick
6. After Senator Smith announced that he planned to run for president, the telephone at campaign headquarters rang continuously.  (A) incessantly
(B) ignorantly
(C) incisively
(D) impartially
7. Since Ron has such an intense dislike for flying, I am certain that he will not want to go with us.  (A) avarice for
(B) aversion to
(C) affection for
(D) affirmation of
8. The American bald eagle is not really bald in the usual sense.  (A) mighty
(B) majestic
(C) hairless
(D) flightless
9. He was fired because of his misconduct at the office party.  (A) mistake
(B) impropriety
(C) condition
(D) singing
10. The 1908 Siberian meteorite explosion brought about considerable depletion of the northern hemisphere's ozone layer.  (A) was caused by
(B) resulted in
(C) brought back
(D) was initiated by

1 c
2 c
3 a
4 c
5 c
6 a
7 b
8 c
9 b
10 b

11. A two-thirds majority in Congress is required if a bill is to become law.  (A) necessary
(B) desirable
(C) acquired
(D) optional
12. The Chinese people worship their ancestors. 
(A) fossils
(B) elders
(C) forefathers
(D) heirs
13. The dog saw his reflection in the pool of water. 
(A) image
(B) bone
(C) imagination
(D) leash
14. John didn't enjoy the rock concert because he thought the tempo was bad.  (A) audience
(B) rhythm
(C) singer
(D) weather
15. The old utilities building was demolished and a new highrise took its place.  (A) renovated
(B) razed
(C) remodeled
(D) reconciled
16. Joyce is loved by all her friends because she is very congenial.  (A) pleasant
(B) wealthy
(C) courageous
(D) sensitive
17. Prehistoric cave art portrayed animals in motion. 
(A) enhanced
(B) hindered
(C) criticize
(D) depicted
18. The members of the committee...
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