Toddlers Using Electronics

Topics: IPad, App Store, Apple Inc. Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Brittany Miller
Psychology 201 – 09
Instructor: Mrs. Maruyama

Toddlers using electronics

The thought of purchasing a 500.00 Ipad or some sort of electronic for a 2 to 5 year old I find to be quiet ridiculous. I understand the point that they want the toddlers to learn how to use technology at a young age and teach them how to handle things with care. It makes sense if they had the children using theirs but going out and actually buying a 2 year old their own is quite outrageous, what all is that child going to use that Ipad for? What are the parents going to do once that little child accidently drops or throws that expensive electronic device when they are upset and or mad?

This article is about a man buying an Ipad for his family giving one as a Christmas present to each of children one of the ages of 2 and 5, by Adam Satariano and Katie Linsell. His two-year-old son started learning how to swipe and play with his fathers Ipad at the age of 1. Now his children fight over who gets to play with the Ipad so the father now would like to buy his children both an Ipad so that there is no longer a dispute on who gets to use the Ipad anymore.

It’s incredible how smart children are now days. Being able to operate such a high tech type of equipment. I have seen more toddlers and children know how to work a piece of technology with out being showed how to more than older adults. Some people argue about how bad it is to have children using electronics and watching tv as well as being on the internet. In the long run of children being on the Internet and watching tv it teaches the children much more than people give it credit for. Children once they grow older will be able to do much more when it come to jobs, and knowledge that many work forces look for when it comes to the knowledge of technology.

I do find it ridiculous that parents are buying their children such an expensive piece of technology but at the same time its understandable. The fact...
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