Toddlers Development

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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The first few years of a child’s life are the most important for development cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. The key aspects of development that will be address in this essay are toddlerhood, from the age 1-3 years old.

When assessing the needs of a young child in the toddlerhood age of development it is imperial to take into account cognitive and physical milestones. It is at this age that the child is still striving to make sense of the world around them. -Unable to see the world from a perspective yet, need to explore to develop a cognitive development -Interaction between other children for prime brain development -Not enough nurture may develop stress and anxiety’s in life further on ( as they grow older) -Simple problem solving using trial and error

-Experiment with familiar objects and toys
-Pretend play- mum and dad
-Make their own choices, like what clothing to wear.
-Use the word ‘No’
-Full focus on one task
-Will enjoy climbing, running, playing with all sorts of activities. (Gross motorskills) -They will begin to ask lots of questions why, what, how- they want to begin to understand the world -Begin to remember words and repeat them

-They are still unable to understand abstract words and concepts -Fine motorskills development (stacking blocks, picking items up)

Social and emotional development is important to take into consideration at the toddlerhood age. Children of this age are flooded with new feelings (positive and negative) that they may not have felt before, such as frustration, anxieties and pleasure. Toddlers begin to become more open to social experiences, they are able to meet and communicate with other children in different situations such as daycare or schooling. They begin to take an interest in learning and playing and can understand each person individually. This includes identification of the person. For example this is aunty, this is grandfather and this is cousin. Emotionally toddlers...
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