Toddlers and Tiaras, Sociology of Women

Topics: Gender, Woman, Heteronormativity Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 26, 2011
SOC 325

Toddlers and Tiaras
            A person’s sexual orientation is the determinant to one’s gender identity within a governed society. The core structure of the sex/gender conversion is predominantly engineered by cultural values and societal norms. The divergence of each sex becomes independently refined by stereotypical characteristic specifications. Male specifications on attractiveness and parental influence to conform, are encouraging conformity to these unattainable ideals. These standards are nearly impossible to achieve and thus have serious ramifications on a female's self-image and body portrayal              In a hierarchal society male domination is under scrutiny for being held largely responsible for the oppression of women. Their ideals are expressed and become intermixed in media advertising and being used as a technique to increase attraction toward the product. Supply and demand industry exploiting women in ads have become disturbingly common. The well known american barbie doll is the standard of beauty; tall, skinny, physically toned, long hair, large breasts, and symmetrical face. The bar is high and attempts to embody these traits can become deadly. In conjunction with selling products, these stereotypes are supple in public advertisements.many ads direct their message toward young children giving them false implications on the two types of gender identity. about gender-type defining beauty in ways that are impossible to attain.             Liberal theorists and antifeminists feel pageants can enhance self-confidence as well as being pre exposed to our competitive society. Improvement in social skills and public speech is also a positive aspect. Despite the positive outcomes feminists feel the outcome of pageants are more detrimental to a child's health than it does enhance it. Pageant parents feed into this social ideal and contribute to this vicious cycle passing down societal standards of beauty onto their children....
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