Toddlers and Tiaras: Child Abuse?

Topics: Childhood, Beauty contest, Mother Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Toddlers and Tiaras affects childrens’ self-esteem around the world who believe that they have to live up to this “beauty” that is enforced by their Mom’s and they have to be as pretty and perfect as these other kids who they see in beauty pageants. I cannot find it in me to support little girls judged this way. Beauty? Talent? Making them stand onstage in front of a crowd of people where one girl's dream comes true and the others are crushed? This cannot be good for their self-esteem and with children that young, they never really know what could end leaving an emotional scar. Today there are more than 250,000 children who compete in pageants and 100,000 of those children being under the age of thirteen. At a young age you are influenced by things you see, people around you, and tend to have role models who are older. Some children also strive to fit in with others and want to be cool by looking just like these kids in beauty pageants. Toddlers and Tiara’s effects children’s self-esteem by showing kids being enhanced cosmetically to win pageants at a young age.

The little girls (or sometimes boys) participating in these pageants seem to be interested into it. Majority of them say that they love pageants and that pageants make them feel special until they get spray tans (which are super cold), Hair Extentions (pull onto your hair), lots of hairspray, tons of make-up to the point where they look 20, fake acrylic nails, fake eyelashes extentions and a super expensive outfit for their pageant they they must win and they kids start crying because they’re tired. What happened to natural beauty? Think of the messages that these kids are getting from their Mom and Dad’s: “The only thing that matters is winning first place.” “Being beautiful is the most important thing.” Toddlers and Tiaras put Mothers in a very negative spot light and they show no sympathy for their daughters majority of the time. This one episode, the parents are acting like...
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