Toddler Parenting Observation

Topics: Mother, Parent, Father Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Good communication between a child and their parents results in a positive parent child relationship. Communication amongst parents and children is essential to building the child’s self-esteem and mutual respect. The parents and toddlers I observed show two distinctly different styles of communication active and non active communication. One parent actively communicating with their toddler and interacting with them while they played. The other parent did not interact or communicate much with their child at all unless it was warranted.

I observed two female toddlers about 18-24 months in age one with her mother and the other with her father at Irvine Regional Park. This park also has a small zoo along with lots of open grassy areas. I observed the toddlers in the zoo as well as them interacting with their parents outside of the zoo. The zoo has a petting zoo inside where the kids can feed the goats. I observed toddler one accompanied by her father feeding a goat. The father was holding her up while she fed the goat one pellet at a time. Toddler two was feeding the goat as well but instead of one at a time she was having the goat eat several from out of her hand while her mom stood off 5 feet away chatting with her friends and checking on her every once and a while. Her mom did not seem to be watching her much, she allowed her to be too independent. Neither toddler seemed to talk much they mainly giggled and pointed at the different animals. The toddlers seem to mainly be communicating through action rather than verbally. Through out the zoo toddler one’s father kept close to his daughter and interacted with her while viewing all the animals. Toddler one was very happy smiling and laughing at the different animals, while her father talked to her telling her what each animal was, a coyote, a porcupine, mountain lion, some bold eagles. Toddler two’s mother after leaving the petting zoo area, put her back in her stroller, didn’t interacted with her much and just...
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