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Toddler Pageants

By | September 2012
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Toddler Pageants: Abuse or Life Experience
Danielle Goggins
BCOM/275 Business Communications and Critical Thinking
June 18, 2011
Robert Beaudry
University of Phoenix

Toddler Pageants: Abuse or Life Experience

Ever since the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, toddler beauty pageants have been portrayed in a negative light. Opponents of the pageants say that these competitions are a form abuse. "Toddlers are not old enough to make an informed decision as to whether they should compete. Nor are they able to separate the competition from reality, which can make participation even more damaging to their self-esteem" (MacKay, 2012). Anything that is the only area of focus, not monitored, or access to it not regulated is likely to be abused. This argument can be rebutted by considering that the toddlers’ parents are involved in every step of the pageantry process. In the “real” world, parents are trusted to make the best decisions for their children. Part of the parents’ role in their child’s life is to teach them about the “real” world and the role that their child is to play in society. In this respect Pageantry is no different. If a parent is doing his or her job, he or she can turn what could be considered as rejection into an opportunity to teach the child about striving to be their very best. Defenders of the pageants also proclaim that the element of competition that exists in toddler pageantry is comparable to sporting competitions. The competitors are rated based upon how well they have prepared for the competition. That preparation is corollary to how well they perform. The “real” world that the pageant competitors live in places priority on beauty and appearance. This fact lends itself to the notion that toddler pageants and the “real” world are related more closely than originally considered. There should not be an activity that a child can participate that would outweigh the guidance and influence that a loving, well rounded...

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