Todd Willinham Arson Case

Topics: Evidence, Scientific evidence, Anecdotal evidence Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Duane Peterson
CRJU 2600
February 10, 2013
The Camron Todd Willingham Arson Case

The Fire Marshall investigated the Willingham fire by checking for indicators of accidental fire or arson. They looked at the electrical wiring for shorts, but did not find any signs of it being accidental. They found what they thought was a star burned pattern in the children’s room which they thought was satanic because of the posters they found around the home of rock bands. They also found signs of a combustible substance in the front door way. The police questioned neighbors and by standers on Mr. Willingham’s actions at the time of the fire. The court and twelve jurors found Mr. Willingham guilty and sentenced him to death for the murder of his three children by arson. They used the evidence of the combustible substance found from the front entrance door way, and the burn pattern in the children’s room, and the testimony of the neighbors that stated that Mr. Willingham had made no attempt to go back into the home to try and save his three daughters, and the testimony of his wife who claimed that Willingham had physically abused her on a daily bases, and also a testimony of a cell inmate that stated Willingham had made a jail house confession to him while awaiting trial. After the new findings of Willingham’s case that proved his innocence and that there was no way that this was a set fire, I would have to say that he was not guilty by scientific proof. But with his actions alone at the time of the fire and the night there after at the bar I would say yes he was guilty on action alone. NO parent dose nothing while to try and save their children as they are burning to death, or go to a bar the night after to join in the fun and make the statement they have nothing to worry about because the money will be rolling in because people feel sorry for them. In my belief because not only was Mr. Willingham in the bar the night after so was his wife and she was never...
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