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Chapter 9

Travelling Allowance / LTC Rules

1. TA on tour

TA on tour is from duty point/residence/headquarters to the duty point at the destination and vice-versa. It comprises:

• Fare for journey by rail, road, air and steamer • Road mileage for journey otherwise than by public transport and • DA for the entire period of absence from HQ including the journey period

The eligibility for traveling by specific class of accommodation and the rate of daily allowance is decided with reference to the pay of the employee. The grading of employees for journey is according to the pay as follows:

9.1.1.Entitlements for Travel by Rail:

|Pay Range (Basic pay+NPA+ Stagnation |Shatabdi Express |Rajdhani Express |Other Trains | |increment) | | | | |Rs. 16400 and above |Executive Class |AC First Class |AC First Class | |Rs. 8000 to Rs. 16399 |AC Chair Car |AC 2-tier |AC 2-tier | |Rs. 6500 to Rs. 7999 |-do- |AC Chair Car* |First Class/ AC 3-tier/ AC | | | | |Chair Car | |Rs. 4100 to Rs. 6499 |-do- |-do-* |-do- | |Below Rs. 4100 |-do- |-do-* |Sleeper Class |

Those entitled to travel by First Class/ AC 3-tier/ AC Chair Car may travel on tour/ transfer by AC 2-tier, if any of the trains connecting the originating and destination stations by the direct shortest route do not provide for any of the three classes.

When journey is performed by longer route by rail, partly by lower class and partly by the entitled class, the claim is to be regulated on proportionate basis, by calculating mileage allowance for different modes/ classes by the shortest route in the ratio of the distance covered by such modes by the longer route actually used.

9.1.2.Entitlements for Travel by Road:

|Pay |Entitlements | |Rs. 16400 and above |AC Taxi/ Car/ any bus including AC bus | |Rs. 8000 - Rs. 16399 |Taxi/ Car/ any bus including AC bus except AC taxi | |Rs. 6500 - Rs. 7999 |Taxi/ Autorikshaw/ Scooter/ Moped/ any bus except AC bus. | |Rs. 4100 - Rs. 6499 |Autorikshaw/ Scooter/ Moped/ any bus except AC bus | |Below Rs. 4100 |Autorikshaw/ Scooter/Moped/ Ordinary bus |

It is not necessary that the Car/ Scooter/ Moped should have been registered in the name of the staff member. The claim for taxi / auto rikshaw shall be regulated in accordance with the rates fixed by the State Transport Department.

9.1.3.Entitlement for Journey by Air

1. All those who are in receipt of basic pay of Rs. 16,400 and above are entitled to travel by Air.

2. Those drawing basic pay of Rs.12,300/- and above may also travel by air if the distance involved is more than 500 km and the journey cannot be performed overnight (ordinarily covered between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.) by direct train/ direct slip coach service with approval of the authority competent to authorise the tour.

3. In all other cases specific approval of the Executive Director shall be required with justifications.

4. The entitled class of accommodation for travel by air is Economy/ Standard Class.

9.1.4. Entitlement for...
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