Today Tonight

Topics: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, Film techniques Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Today Tonight
The Current Affairs Program, “Today Tonight,” uses facts to create critical arguments inviting the viewers to draw conclusions on current social issues. In the segment involving NRMA/AIG dodgy car insurance agency, this is accomplished through the persuasion of the attitudes and values of the unfairness of trade, honesty, quality of products and services, and getting what you pay for. This is achieved by means of structure, selection of detail, use of language and film techniques. The purpose of Current Affair Programs is to educate the viewing audience on the facts of the corruption in the insurance industry. This is done in a persuasive way, according to the point of view of the program. The encouraged viewer response is shock, anger and disbelief as the dishonest acts are continuously going unnoticed. Through film techniques, the Current Affair Program “Today Tonight,” presents facts to create critical arguments that persuade the viewer to draw conclusions on the issues of social concern. In the segment dealing with Adam Thomas revealing the secret, the viewer’s negative attitude towards NRMA is constructed when the viewer sees the admitter from a confronting camera shot, of conflicted payments of insurance. In contrast, to the camera angle used when interviewing Adam Thomas a worker from the NRMA, the stationary, eye-level camera angle portrays a trustworthy, reliable and respectable person and a respectable point of view, which encourages the viewer to feel anger and is shocked towards the current social issue of unfair trade practises. There is also a camera shot of Mr Thomas at an extreme close up. This catches all of the emotive and guilty signs, and the negative attitude is reinforced in the social issue of unfair trade practises when the expressions of NRMA depicted an untrustworthy, lying and dishonest company. The use of video evidence (advertisements) backs up the programs point of view as a form of proof and unreliabity. Music also...
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