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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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La Verne, CA

House Market in United States
Prepared for
BUS 500J Found of Business Communication

Prepared by
Huixuan Xiao (11528309)
Saleh alhenaki (11028168)

04/17, 2013

College of Business and Public Management
Department of Business Administration
Nowadays the house marketing in United State has a negative effect for the American society. Most of the people don’t have the ability to buy a house and faced some difficulties to own that budget, comparing with the past years was completely different. According to Handley, (2013) says that 63 % of the people who bought a house from 2002 until 2009 have afford the cost of their houses, and 55% from 2010 until 2012 the people are regrets because the house marketing is increasing than would be expected. But in these days 2013 some expert says that marketing showing some improving and will return (Money Morning, 2013). Therefore, this report is prediction about the situation for the real state in United State during the present years and explain the reasons behind that, and help the CEO of our company to figure out is it a increased trend for America’s house market and who is the main element caused increasing house sale, domestic buyer or foreign buyer?

What cause increasing house sale?
There are two points can cause rise in housing value and increasing sale. * Foreign investors boost the house marketing in America. Foreigners are like to invest the house in USA, such as Chinese, Taiwanese, and the people in Middle East, because they believe it is more safer to put money in America housing market than in stock market. (Brill, 2013). * On the one hand, the government helped the consumer to buy the house by providing low mortgage rate and conservative bank lending. On the other hand, the rising home prices make the seller to sell their houses. (Handley, 2013).

What effect about the increasing house sale?
The rise in...
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