Today Child Is Tomorrow Assets to the Nation Provide Them Growth in the Soil

Topics: Democracy, Direct democracy, Community Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The younger a person is, more is the likelihood of him or her assimilating new ideas and thoughts. The motivation to learn, and the enthusiasm to do something different are extremely high. If the child's energies are harnessed then and channelised into some constructive activity, the effects are permanent. This very thought lies behind Bangalore-based Janaagraha campaign's recent ventures - Bala Janaagraha and Yuva Janaagraha. If the citizens of tomorrow are initiated into community building activities today, in all possibility, they will be sensitised and motivated in continuing with such positive exercises in their adult life too.

Courtesy, Chandrika, Janaagraha A Bala Janaagraha campaign meeting at Bangalore Bala Janaagraha is all about actively involving children in participative democracy, and to teach them the fundamentals of a democratic society. It also highlights their role as citizens of this society. And it has set out to achieve these objectives by engaging children in the workings of the local government at their ward level. Gradually, the children imbibe the tenets of leadership, community building and teamwork, and in the process, the seeds of a capable and effective leadership for the future are sown. With this idea Bala Janaagraha was introduced to the students of five schools in Bangalore last year. The students, teachers and the communities had a fruitful interaction. The programme continues with communities and 21 schools from six wards during 2003-04.

The ideas are lofty, the objectives noble. But are children mature enough to understand how the government works and what exactly is expected from them? The organisers of the programme are confident that children will receive this concept very well. To aid them in this process, awareness building projects, games and role plays will be organised.

By initiating children into community building and participation today, Janaagraha is playing a role in creating sensitive and positive...
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