Today and Tomorrows Health Issues

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(1) Yes, medical records should be corrected by the same individual that made the error, however when correcting the records do not erase or whiteout any information. First draw a straight line down the center so the information still can be read, next put in the corrections date, time, and initial.

(2) The patient must be advised prior to the release of the medical information to the entity or entities maintaining the computer data bases. On the other hand, the patient has a right to know who has access to their medical records.

(3) Prior to the distribution of all reports reflecting identifiable data there should be approval by the patient. However individuals or organizations can not only release this information without the permission of the patient.

(4) The computerized medical database is online to the computer terminal only when authorized, computer programs requiring the medical data are in use.

(5) The same rule that applies to correcting medical records and so on, applies here. Changing data on the data base indicate individuals authorized to do so. And the erasure should be verified by the bureau to the physician.

(6) No, there should not be mixing of patients computerized records with those of other computer service bureau clients, inadvertent mixing of individual records is not allowed.

(7) Yes, and the “HIPAA regulations substance-abuse record laws and regulations, and accrediting standards of the joint commission on the accreditation of healthcare organization”. Because such communications are inherently insecure, encryption software may be required.

(8) Your medical record is private. But it depends on the third parties requesting the information from your records; however Insurance companies, local police, and...
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