Today's American Dream

Topics: Third World, First World, Second World Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: March 3, 2008
The American Dream is different for every person. People of different races and ethnic backgrounds have different ideas of the American Dream. People of different areas of the world have different perspectives of the dream. People from a third world country would have a different dream than someone from a major country like America or like a person from a rural setting would have a different idea than someone from the city. As someone who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, has a good family, and a decent about of money to live with, the American Dream is to have a healthy family, good job, nice house, nice car, and a decent paycheck. If someone from a poor family were to think about the American dream some may believe that it would be a little different because they only are worried about the necessities of life. Money could play a big role in the American Dream; one may believe it depends on what you want in the long run. Some people may think having time would be better than working all the time to make more money.

The definition of the American Dream has numerous different meanings to people. Some may want lots of money, some may want lots of free time, some may even want to just be able to have a family or even just a house to live in. If a person from a 3rd world country wanted to live the American Dream it would be completely different from one who lives in America already. It would because people from different countries think of their dreams in all sorts of ways like the families or schools they were brought up in. One may believe that the person from the third world country would see the American Dream as having the opportunity to have a decent house to live in or food to eat. One who already lives here in America may want a little more than that. They may want a good steady job or a nice car because they already have the other things. One may believe the American dream changes a lot, as soon as someone gets a certain thing they just want...
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