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Looking back at my life, I can clearly remember the kingfisher encyclopaedia I discovered at the shelf of my aunt’s house. It had a lot of sublime views of the earth and space, science, animals and planets, human bodies, people, countries and history. I could tell that I had the likeness of learning about science and digging deep in finding out ideas. I can remember the topic I read about the earth crust- how it is 6 kilometres thick beneath the oceans. The curiosity of finding out what lies beneath the earth brought the realization that petroleum products have been underground for millions of years patiently waiting to be discovered. Surprisingly, a branch of science(Petroleum engineering), where by a drill-string is commingled with a bottom hole assembly(BHA),drilling fluids, with some other facilities to drill deep into the earth’s crust with precision under diverging conditions such as the heat at Libya or Iran and the freezing cold weather at Russia, Scotland and Norway, all in the bid to survey treasures(hydrocarbons),was discovered. I am also enthralled, by the systematic combination of various aspects of science and technology including physics, geology, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and others in exploring these treasures.

My study as an undergraduate in petroleum engineering over the last year has made me assiduous in my approach for the knowledge of these treasures. This is depicted in the choice of my final year project titled, ‘Optimal Sidetrack Time using reservoir Simulation Approach’. It is extensively acknowledged that the rationale behind petroleum engineering is to inspect, characterize and put together procedures to optimize profit and gain rate of returns. My project was based on procedures for enhancing oil production by calculating the economic analysis. This was really insightful because I got the opportunity of learning how to use the...
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