Tobacco Industry in Pakistan

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Tobacco industry in Pakistan: Business Report 2011

Tobacco industry in Pakistan: Business Report 2011
Business Analytic Center (BAC) Date: Jan, 2011 Pages: 50 Price: US$ 1,160.00 ID: T13560B1985EN This report is a comprehensive research of tobacco industry in Pakistan. The first two chapters of the report feature the country profile by giving general information on Pakistan and by thoroughly studying its economic state, (including key macroeconomic indicators and their development trends). The third chapter covers common business procedures in the country: from starting a project to closing a business. This chapter elucidates the country's fiscal system, existing labour practices, property rights regulation peculiarities and other issues vital for running business in this country. Further, the report analyses tobacco industry in the country by identifying key market players, (including major producers, traders, etc), as well by evaluating foreign economic relations within the sector in the recent three years. Related news bulletins update and add the finishing touch to an overview of economical situation in Pakistan. The aim of this study is to provide a tool which will assist strategy group and the management team specialists in making correct decisions as how to penetrate the Pakistan market and how to catch the maximum commercial opportunities in dealing with business partners in this country.

Tobacco industry in Pakistan: Business Report 2011


Tobacco industry in Pakistan: Business Report 2011 - Table of Content 1. PAKISTAN: COUNTRY PROFILE 1.1. Geographical position 1.2. Historical background 1.3. Demography 1.4. Administrative divisions 1.5. Political situation 1.6. Economic situation 1.7. Foreign relations 1.8. Social environment and culture. Cultural differences and their impact on business negotiations

2. PAKISTAN: FINANCIAL AND ECONOMICAL PROFILE 2.1. Country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP): historical trends and projection 2.3....
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