Tobacco in Society

Topics: Tobacco, Smoking, Nicotine Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Tobacco in Society 1964-2012

It is hard to believe that around half a decade ago smoking was legal in offices, airplanes and even some cartoons were sponsored by tobacco companies. Smoking was socially acceptable and almost 50% of men and 46% of the entire American population smoked. It wasn’t until 1964 that the United States Surgeon General, Dr. Luther L Terry announced that smoking causes cancer. In 1965 Congress required all cigarette packaging to have the health-warning label, "Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health." In 1969 the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act made it illegal to advertise cigarettes on American television and radio. After the Surgeon General’s announcement there was much work ahead for politicians because of the upcoming controversy between the government, tobacco companies and the public. As politicians work towards a balance between this controversy there is a variety of reactions from the public. From 1964-2000’s it has become obvious that the Untied States would like to become a smoke free nation but how achievable is this goal? The 1964 Surgeon General’s announcement was the jumpstart that America needed but the effectiveness of laws and regulations made by politicians are essential to protecting the American people from tobacco products.             Although it has been known since 1964 that smoking causes cancer there are many American people who still smoke every day. After the Surgeon General’s announcement communities and the American government began to take steps to a non smoking country. The Office of Smoking and Health has an annual budget of almost 100 million dollars and about 75% of it goes to these groups.The next real problem was not only smokers but secondhand smoke that could be inhaled by non-smokers. This creates controversy between the public, tobacco companies and politicians. The American for Nonsmokers Rights (ANR) was founded in 1976 to protect...
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