Tobacco Companies and Their Three Advertising Strategies

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Tobacco Companies and their three Advertising Strategies
Before 1970, tobacco companies sponsored many television programs and pummeled the airways with slogans and jingles. Even doctors were giving their trusted endorsements to brands such as Winston and Camel. They displayed quotes like “The Doctor’s choice is America’s choice,” and “More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other.” But after mounting concerns about smoking and its impact on health, the United States Congress passed the Public Cigarette Smoking Act of 1970. This act banned all television and radio advertising for tobacco products. It went into effect on January 2, 1972. After this milestone, the tobacco companies had to come up with more creative ways of selling their product. Over the years three major types of advertising types developed to sell tobacco products to the masses, these were direct advertising, indirect advertising, and package advertising.

Direct advertising is attractive to the tobacco companies because there are many avenues that they can take besides television and radio. Also, direct advertising provides trackable data from consumers. The internet has provided a safe haven for tobacco companies. Sending out mass emails can provide quick responses, especially when offering a discount. Also, because the consumer’s interests are tracked online, online advertising focuses in on a select group of people and enables the tobacco company to spend appropriately on individuals interested in smoking.

Cell phones have contributed to a huge influx of direct marketing via text messaging. At bars in metropolitan areas, attractive females called Marlboro girls are employed by the tobacco companies to garner cell phone numbers and addresses in exchange for a free zippo lighter. Mass text messages are then sent out promoting a certain product and usually provides a coupon of some kind. Land lines can also be used. In this case, it is much cheaper for the tobacco company to have a...
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