Tobacco and Youth Smokers

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Chapter I

I. Background of the Study
One of the first micro level studies on the economics of youth smoking appeared in the 1980’s. Their demand equation tested retail prices of cigarettes while controlling for various socioeconomic factors such as age, sex, race, family size, income, labor force status of mother, and for smuggling. Young consumers might be more price responsive than adults because of lower disposable income. The researchers also found that price has more effect on the decision to smoke at all than on the number of cigarettes smoked by a smoker. Anti-smoking advertising had a negative effect on smoking participation but it did not change the number of cigarettes consumed by smokers. In 1982, Lewit and Coate used data with respondents 20 to 74 years old. They concluded that smuggling can bias results and that the smuggling incentives should be controlled for. Dividing the sample into three age groups (20 – 25, 26 – 35, 36 – 74) and estimating separately the respective price responsiveness confirmed the hypothesis about the higher price elasticity among youth, perhaps also due to shorter smoking history (the addiction to nicotine did not have a chance to fully develop), higher discount rate for future consumption, and the multiplying effect of peer pressure which is stronger for young adults than for older consumers. As in the 1981 study, price had a larger effect on a person’s decision to smoke than on the number of cigarettes consumed by a smoker.

II. Statement of the Problem
1. How can smoking affect the body?
2. How do the young smokers control carving for cigarettes? 3. How do the prices of cigarette affect the level of smoking among the youths?

III. Research Objectives
These research objectives are to know how smoking can affect our body for the sake of those who don’t know yet the effects of smoking in their body. We may also determine on how to stop craving for cigarettes to help our youths lessen their smoking habits. And lastly to help the teenagers stop their smoking by the effects of smoking prices.

IV. Scope and Delimitations
The percentage of young smokers is increasing now days. Youths should be discipline. Smoking prices must be implemented. The study limits its coverage on the students in Technological Institute of Philippines. Its main purpose is to identify the youth smokers and to have possible solutions regarding this problem. This study considers every aspects of students’ personal information that has impact on the study such as the number of sticks of cigarettes the uses every day. The researchers will take this opportunity to study and survey in the area of Technological Institute of the Philippines. If the students in Technological Institute of the Philippines will stop smoking if high prices in cigarettes were implemented. And what are the effects of this to the demand of the cigarettes. What will be the effects to the numbers of smoking students in Technological Institute of the Philippines? V. Definition of Terms

Youth Smokers in Technological Institute of the Philippines
– They are the reason for this study. They are the first respondent of the study Cigarette Prices
– This will help the smokers to quit smoking.
The Researchers
– This will help the researchers to pass the subject and to know about the subject.

Chapter II.
There are many effects of cigarettes in our body. According to the book “Smoking – How to Break Addiction” (Doss, 1998). Hydrogen Cyanide, benzene urethane, nitroalkine, carbon dioxide and nicotine, these are only some of the harmful chemicals that affects our body and health condition. Every Cigarette Cost smokers 5 to 20 minutes of life, and cigarette smoking killed almost 10 million smokers. It’s a well known fact that smoking is the prime cause of cancer of the lungs. There is a survey that at least 158,700 are expected to die from this disease.

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