Toad and Katlin

Topics: Family, Narrative, Emotion Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The story ”Toad and Katlin” is written by Josh Stallinds.This great writer has his own way of writing. The words that he chooses rips a character right open in front of us .This writer in all his novels, stories tries to show his characters with their feelings, emotional experience, vices. The writer very often describes or resents the dripping blood, heart beating. Charlie Huston says : “ The man knows what to do with paper and ink/ Read the damn thing”.

All novels, stories, texts by Josh Stalling are very exciting. His “Toad and Katlin” is not the exception. In this short text Josh Stallings resents very familiar problem to us: the problem between children and their parents. Toad, the main character of the story lives alone, he is divorced. At the age of thirty eight he doesn’t have the ‘real’ family and doesn’t know ‘what door to walk through’. Some time ago he lived with family and he had a daughter. Now he is alone, a daughter lives with her mother. But one day they decide to meet. Katlin, Toad’s daughter decides to spend summer holidays with her father. Of course, Toad was happy. He hadn’t seen his daughter foe 3 years. He prepared himself emotionally for their meeting. Toad loved his daughter.

Katlin wanted to visit her father very much. He was her freedom to dress how she wanted, freedom from the fights with her mother.
But what happened when they met…The father and daughter understood that they became strangers. Nothing in common. Toad prepared the balloon bouquet for his already grown up daughter. Katlin wasn’t pleased with it. But then when they became to speak and father suggested to let balloons go the daughter’s heart melt. Katlin was proud of her father.

The story about Toad and Katlin is told by some narrator . We don’t know who is it. But the type of narration (objectivized) gives the reader a greater insight into the minds of characters, allows reader to form their own opinion about characters and their motives. Nevertheless the...
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