To F--S S. O--D by Edgar Allan Poe

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry, Word Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: March 1, 2012
To F--S S. O--D
BY: Edgar Allan Poe

In the poem To F--S S. O--D, Edgar Allan Poe takes a break from his usual depressed eeriness and reveals a softer, more hopeful side. Through his use of diction and allusion Poe creates a tone of support and encouragement. The simplistic make-up of the poem paired with the to-the-point message conveys how simple it is to let yourself be loved.

The diction Poe uses throughout the poem plays an important role in the overall interpretation and meaning. The poem includes many words such as “thou” and “thy,” Words such as these are seen as antique and seasoned. Because Poe chooses to use words that are old-fashioned, Poe conveys the idea that being yourself is what will bring you love is a timeless idea that will always be true. This idea is reinforced when Poe writes the phrase “an endless theme of praise” Not only is he once again illustrating the concept that it applies to all people, all the time but also that by being yourself and not changing for other people will always have its rewards. Words like “beauty” and “praise” provide the reader with the idea that being loved for who you are is a good thing. People will see the beauty you create yourself and will want to love you for it.

Poe also uses his word choice to display how easy of a concept being loved for who you are really is. Poe states that being true to yourself is, in fact, “a simple duty.” It’s not something you have to strive extra hard for or strain yourself to do. It’s second-nature almost. He further backs up this ideology in the beginning of the poem when he uses the word “then.” He states it in a way as if to say, “This is all you have to do.” It persuades the reader to believe what he is trying to portray. Poe persuades the reader even more by using “to be” verbs such as “being” throughout his poem. This plants the idea in the reader’s mind that they can, in fact, be a person people will cherish and love without having to change themselves in the...
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