To a God Unknown

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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To A God Unknown Essay
In the book To A God Unknown (TAGU) by John Steinbeck, there is a man named Joseph Wayne who is sent out on a journey with a blessing from his father. While out on his journey he finds a large area of land and he starts to fall in love with it. He then decides to build upon it and starts a ranch there, he also finds an oak tree that he builds his house next to and this tree reminds him of his father. After he settles there he invites his brothers to come and stay with him and he also has a wife and gets a ranch keeper, who later on ends up killing one of Joseph's brothers and leaves the ranch. Joseph's wife then ends up killing herself from falling of off a rock, and then he goes into a depression because his land is dying and then he kills himself at the end and saves his land. Throughout this story Steinbeck shows many archetypes. The main type of archetype that is shown through the story is the Christ archetype also Steinbeck shows the failings and developments of archetype throughout the story. In TAGU Steinbeck includes several Christ archetypes, most of which are shown through Joseph Wayne. In the first chapter we see one of the first archetypes, where Wayne 's father tells him that he sees more in Wayne than his other sons. "There's something more strong in you then in your brothers, Joseph; more sure and inward" (Steinbeck 2). This is a Christ archetype because Joseph, in the Bible who was a Christ like character himself, was also his father's favorite son. "Now Israel loved his sons..." (Genesis 37:3). The relation between the two is that both Joseph and Wayne were favored by each of their fathers, and they saw something more in them then their other sons. Some more Christ archetypes are when Joseph obtains his land, and when he worships his oak tree throughout the story. When Joseph obtains his land and claims it as his responsibility he is happy about it and he says that he loves the land. For example, "for a...
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