To Whhat Extent, Do You Agree That Money Should Be Spent on Space Research?

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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The world is more and more developing. The desire to control the earth of human being is still a big problem. The ideas of discovering space has been come up with ffor centuries. And now, space research is continuing to be promoted all arround the world. I’m among the majority of people partially agreeing that money should be spent on space research. The benefits of space research are vital to our rapid advance. Space exploration will eventually allow us to establish a human civilization on another world. Satellite technology has allowed many things that humans only dreamed in the past to become reality, such as predicting natural disasters. Remote controled satellites are mainly used for meteorology making accurate weathher forecasting. With these natural disasters being predicted before they do harm to humans. People can be warned and they can escape from danger. However, we have to admit that cost of space research is extremely expensive. It is risky when investing money in fields with unclear future in years. While there are a lot of fundamental fields which should be paid mor attention and budget, for example population, transportation, environment, schooling costs, healthcare…etc. What if we have no condition to develop peerson, what if our environment is destroyed gradually without money to resolve?... Those are in front questions we have to give specific answers imediately. To sum up, space research is a chellenging field, but it’s so meaningful to human’s life. All the steps we make should be careful because every field of researching and developing has one common purpose “ serving human being,,
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