To What Extent Was D-Day the Most Significant Turning Point of World War 2?

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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To What extent was D-day the most significant turning point of World War 2? The Normandy landings( also known as D-day) was an attack that took place at June 6th 1944, it was suppose to be happen at June 5th but it was delayed a day because of weather at sea. The operation happened in 2 stages, the airborne attack (air forced) and the amphibious attack (mixture of land and sea). The Paratroopers used in the airborne, it was something that was never used in warfare before witch meant it was a risk to use. Guys who got who put parachutes were jumped out of some planes and landed behind enemy lines.24,000 British , Canadian, America and some French took part in this invasion. The Amphibious attack got on ships and landed in France at around 6:30 AM .The Ships were tightly packed and dangerous. D-day was the Largest Amphibious attack ever (approx 160,000 troops), (approx 5000 ships,). Some say that that D-day was the turning point of the War, from Normandy they tried to invade Berlin which was there Goal because Hitler was there and if you could get to there you could end the war that was the whole purpose. I do not think that this was the most significant point of World War 2. The Battle of Britain, in my own opinion was more significant than D-day but not the most. Britain won the battle because they knew exactly what to do and they had great tactics and technology to beat Germany where as D-day relied more on a Risk and Luck in my opinion. Between July and October 1940, The German planes bombed Britain’s cities and the RAF. During all this the RAF destroyed 1733 German planes while only loosing 915 planes by October 31, the British had won the Battle of Britain. When the Paratroopers jumped of their planes it was dark and landed into enemy lines, many people had no idea where they were when the landed and many things went wrong. For example a lot of soldiers missed their Drop zones( where they were suppose to land), their equipment got lost sometimes losing their...
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