To What Extent Should Have the American Revolution Been Called the British Revolution?

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The American Revolution, which was the strive of the colonial america to obtain independence, should have really been called, The British Revolution, for it was the British who brought upon the actions that made the final separation between the colonies and Great Britain. The colonies wanted to separate from the British because of the unfair demands and taxes they gave from 1763 through 1776. There were various problems for the colonists; politically, economically, religiously, and socially. Following the French and Indian War, the British had to take action in order to restore what was lost in the war. These actions are what pushed the colonial america to want a separation from Britain, they had it with Britain undermining them and just using them to the point where the colonists felt like slaves. After all, the colonies were just used as much as they could in favor of the crown.

The French and Indian war brought an economic despair for Great Britain, they were in were in debt due to war expenses. Prime Minister of the time, George Grenville, started applying acts which made life for the people harder. The first act was the Sugar Act, which made a bigger demand on the sugar imported from the West Indies, and an increase on taxes on sugar, wine, etc., this caused the colonists to boycott and smuggle good. Also along came the Currency Act, which prohibited the colonies from issuing paper money. The currency act angered the colonists because they already had a trade deficit with Britain, and this just made it worst for them. Another act that caused economic problems was the Boston Port Act, which closed the Boston harbor, and ships were not allowed to come in for any business. Many colonists were deeply affect by the economic problems in the colonies, it made some poor and disallowed others to flourish in their economic status.

The British made the colonists feel weak politically with all the new laws at the time. The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited the...
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