To What Extent Is the Mock Interview Scene (82-84) Typical of Alan Bennett's Style and Themes in Play as a Whole?

Topics: The History Boys, Alan Bennett, Richard Griffiths Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: February 14, 2011
In the play ‘The History Boys’ Alan Bennett is known to utilize multiple styles and themes within his work. The play explores common problems among teenage boys, from achieving the needed grades become a student at Oxford to homosexuality. The boys are taught by three teachers who are called Hector, Irwin and Lintott who all employ contrasting teaching techniques.

Alan Bennett is known to add conflict between characters, in The History Boy’s case, this is mainly between Hector and Irwin “Irwin: It’s not the plays, it’s the acting of the plays, Shakespeare, anybody. It’s no fun teaching the stage struck. Hector: And isn’t being stage struck a part of their education?” this illustrates the fact that Irwin has no interest in drama and offends Hector with his minimal knowledge in the matter. You notice that Irwin is talking about a subject he is weak in, is because of the poor descriptive words he uses as he tries to justify his words, such as “Anybody” and “It’s no fun” which has reason to offend Hector. Hector counters what Irwin claims with his line after Irwin’s, after this small conflict you are able to distinguish between Hector ability to speak truth and wishes that his students will benefit from his charisma in teaching with Irwin’s knowledge of what’s needed in the students to have a solid chance to earn there place in Oxford, thus confliction between these two characters is formed.

A second conflict is implemented into the play just after Irwin and Hectors first dispute, when this happens you can start to understand why Alan Bennett added a mock interview scene; to purposely cause confliction at a significant stage between these three teachers, the power struggle continues by the quote “Hector: No, you should just say what you enjoy. Posner: Mozart. Irwin: No, no. Everyone likes Mozart. Somebody more off the beaten track, Tippett, say, or Buckner” this quote holds a lot through its language, for instant, Hector is relaxed with his speech, as commas...
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