To What Extent Is the British Education System Fair?

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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“To what extent is the British education system fair?”
The differences between schools are a worrying situation. Some people may think that a student’s achievement is purely the product of their own ability and their effort, but there can be other factors influencing how well they are able to achieve in the education system. Students must study well and put an effort in what they are doing, if they don’t make an effort to do well then they won’t be so successful in what they want to achieve. On the other hand some people think that other factors can influence on their achievement, some of the factors can be the social background of the student, the school they attend and the way they are treated. For example private schools give some students an unfair advantage, as they have to pay to go to a private school, then they are able to get a better education, private schools tend to have fewer students, this makes it easier for the teachers to help each student individually and help them in the area they are struggling. However in public school, the teachers are not able to help the students as much and they can’t give as much attention to them because there are a lot of students. This means students will have to deal with their difficulties on their own and this makes it more difficult for them to achieve better grades. One of the other factors that can prejudice the achievement in the education system is the social background of the students. Students that are dark-skinned are usually victims of racism and bullying; this makes the students don’t feel capable of doing well in education, also students from the lower class don’t achieve very well in education compared to students from the higher class, this is because most of the times students from the lower class are not able to buy all the equipment and revision material needed to study. However students from the higher class are able to buy this equipment and most of the times they also have private tuition which...
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