To What Extent Is It Possible to Say That Members of Generation Y in Different Countries Are Alike?

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Some people classified other people into different groups. There are baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. The term "Generation Y" refers to a group of people who born within 1976 to 2000. Moreover, generation Y grow up with electronic devices. Generally, They always use computers to get access to the internet or play games. They will still use their smart phones whenever they are queuing up for the bus. It also makes them to become self-centered, less interpersonal skills to make friends but with a high technology using skills .It seems that Generation Y are the same all over the world. However, Generation Y in different countries may have different habit due to they grow up in different environment. Therefore, comparison will be seen in this report to find the similarity of Generation Y in different countries. I will compare them in work, leisure activities , politics. And after this project, I think to a great extent the members of Generation Y in different countries are alike.


In the work area , Generation Y in Hong Kong are more likely to be an entrepreneur than South Africa . A recently survey indicated that South Africa has the fifth-lowest entrepreneurial intent amongst all efficiency-driven economies in the world. ("South Africa; South African Generation Y Entrepreneurs Lag Globally", October 4, 2012 Thursday )Generation Y are easier to gain support from the government in making business in China because government provide huge economic power and policies support for those teenagers. (" A Youth Encouraged Into Entrepreneurship", Oct 12,2012). As we all know , South Africa's GDP is much lower than Hong Kong, the quality of life is then lower in South Africa. So they may even don't have enough capital to build up a company. On the other hand, Teenagers in Hong Kong can gain assist from Small Business administration to train for employers, employees and consult on improving...
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