To What Extent Has the Taliban’s Rule in Afghanistan Affected the Lives, Laws, and Treatment of Women?

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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In the summer of 1994 an Afghan man kidnapped and raped several young girls, people in the area were outraged but didn’t know what they could do. They turned to a man named Mohammed Omar who then called on his religious students and together they executed this man. Word spread of the event and the students were called to help other people with their experiences of injustice.(Tanner279) These men later became known as the Taliban, the men that massacred many, violated human rights, and turned Afghanistan into a place of war, hate, and discrimination. The Taliban’s controversial way of treating women has haunted nations and although the Taliban was overthrown in 2001 their influence concerning women seems to still live on. So to what extent has the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan affected the lives, laws, and treatment of women? To find the answer I will research who the Taliban is, how they came to power, what they believe in when it comes to women, and what the future holds for the women of Afghanistan. The Taliban consists of people of the Islamic faith, mostly Sunni Muslim Pashtuns.(Tanner280) These types of followers believe that it is their quest in life to serve Allah by intimidating and killing infidels of all other religions. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad once said in the Quran, “He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause.” After the Soviet War, refugees that varied in fighting experience began to supporting the Taliban because they were inspired by their cause to bring justice. Journalist, Ahmed Rashid said that, “They were literally the orphans of the war, the rootless and the restless, the jobless and the economically deprived with little self-knowledge. They admired war because it was the only occupations they could possibly adapt to.” (Tanner280) The Taliban came to power slowly but surely. Back in 1994 the Pakistanis decided to build a route from Pakistan all the way to Central Asia. After construction, the Pakistanis sent thirty trucks filled with food and medicine on the route, but the convoy was then taken over by a warlord by the name of Mansur. The Taliban was then called on to rescue the convoy, and they succeeded, then killed the warlord and displayed his deal body hanging from the barrel of a tank.(Tanner279) Over the next three months the Taliban took over twelve southern provinces, acquiring weapons throughout the process. Replacing the failed government with their extremely conservative laws of Islam, the Taliban was looked upon as being heroes that were cleaning up Afghanistan and leaving order.(Tanner280) In January of 2005 the Taliban moved their way north with ease but not without fierce fighting, defeating another group called the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen was a military group that the United States funded during the Soviet War to run out the Russians out of Afghanistan. They were also a strong Muslim extremist group, much like the Taliban, that raped, kidnapped, and killed thousands of Afghan women. Battles between the Taliban and Mujahideen were happening more and more frequently, either the Mujahideen would be slaughtered or admit defeat and surrender without even firing a bullet, and join the Taliban and their cause to take over Afghanistan.

It took years for the world to finally open their eyes to what the Taliban was doing when the Taliban decided to blow up two Buddha statues that had been carved in the third and fifth centuries. The western world no longer viewed the Taliban as men that were bringing order but as people that were severely corrupt, but by then the Taliban now controlled 90% of Afghanistan, which they should have noticed long before this then.

Massoud was adamant about not letting the Taliban rule the entire country. By now it was 2001 and Taliban leader started to work closely with Osama bin Laden the leader of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a military organization that started with 35,000 of the most...
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