To What Extent Has Globalisation Influenced One or More Aspects of the Culture in Your Country? Illustrate Your Answer with Examples

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To what extent has globalisation influenced one or more aspects of the culture in your country? Illustrate your answer with examples

Due to the development of globalisation, “a global culture was seen as being formed through the economic and political domination of the United States which thrust its hegemonic culture into all parts of the world” (Featherstone, 1995, p87). As well as economic change, culture change is heavily influenced by globalisation. Culture can be generally defined as the way of life of a people, it refers to the socially learned behaviours, beliefs, and values that the member of a group or society share. (Ess and Sudweeks, 2001, p88). For example, form Starbucks to MacDonalds, American life style is influencing individuals all around the world in different ways. The evidence of these affects includes the expansion of Hollywood film, fast food and hip-hop music in many countries. The influence of globalisation on music is significant in China, especially for youth music. For instance, English words are used commonly in Chinese pop songs and Chinese rock and roll bands are developing; the music styles of hip-hop and R&B have been adopted into Chinese pop songs and have achieved success. In the first part of this essay, I will define the concept of globalization and then go on to discuss it in relation to the change of music by globalisation in China through three aspects: the development of accessibility to music in China; the growth of music variety; the development of multi-national record corporations and international cooperation between recording companies; and the influence of music piracy in China. Since the 1980s, the structure of Chinese music (mainland China) has changed dramatically. Due to the change and development of policies, different types of music were allowed to the public. Pop music especially from Hongkong and Taiwan became popular in mainland China very rapidly. The popularity of songs for the army, party, communism




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and revolution since 1960s were taken over by pop music to a great extent. Since the 1990s, globalisation has developed rapidly because of the development of technologies for communication and transportation. Because “globalisation is entirely a recent historical turn” (Scholte, 2000, p62), the processes of changes on music structures in China is not a long history. Globalisation also has defined the world as “a single place” (Featherstone, 1995, p87) regardless of geographic difference. The development of the Internet plays an important role in globalisation. It has provided a new channel for worldwide communication. The birth of the Internet has become one of the most important conditions for the development of globalisation. As “we are living in an information-rich age” (Charman, 2007, p5), the spread of the Internet has heavily influenced people’s life style. For example, the influence on music, Internet users can upload music from the Internet to share with other people; they can also download music from the Internet; and bloggers can keep music in their websites and share with other blog users. In China, the Internet search engine Baidu even provides links to other websites for Internet users to download music online. Internet users can purchase single songs or albums through the Internet at home. For small scale music making, Internet users upload home-made music online to share with other people. The research shows that “it took electricity 50 years to reach 50 million users in the United States, whereas it took radio 38 years, it took personal computers 16 years, it took television 13 years, and it took the Internet just 4 years.” (Rice, and Katz, 2004, P122). “Digitally network technology promises to reach a global audience, from anywhere at very low cost.” (Kretschmer, Klimis and Wallis, 2001, P4) In conclusion, due to rapid development of technology in China, the spread of the Internet provides...
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