To What Extent Does Genetic Inheritance Influence Behaviour Use Relevant Research Studies in Your Response

Topics: Genetics, Psychology, Twin Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: February 9, 2013
To what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour?  Use relevant research studies in your response. There is and has been for a long time now a controversy within the psychology science. This controversy states that until today psychologists can’t assure weather humans’ behaviour is inherited, or that it comes from the environment in which we were formed. Over the years several psychologists have had this doubt and wanted to answer it, so they have done a number of studies, which principally focuses the human behaviour in intelligence and personality. In these studies the psychologists have evaluated and analyzed carefully the results in order to finally conclude and support either one of these side.

There was a relevant research study that started with the Jim Twin study, but is still going on today that is the Minnesota Twin study. The psychologists Thomas Bouchard and David Lykken, teachers of the University of Minnesota conducted it. The research done specifically to the Jim Twins was about two identical twins that were separated 30 days after their birth, and they didn’t have any idea after 39 years, when they were reunited. They found out that they had an amazing amount of things in common. They both had been named Jim by their adoptive families, they both named their dog in the same way, the drove the same car, they named their son the same way, they both divorced and then remarried, and finally they had very similar health conditions, they both had a high blood pressure, they both had what they thought had been heart attacks, they both had been in vasectomies and both suffered from migraine headaches. After it was revealed to them that they were twins the University of Minnesota tested their personalities, intelligence, heart rate and brain waves in 1979. They had almost the same results in most of these tests, they were so similar that when doing the average of both of their results it was like taking the average out of one person who did...
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