To What Extent Do You Agree That in 'School for Scandal' "The Heroines of Comedy Are Not Necessarily Heartless Even Though They Are Clear Sighted"

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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To what extent do you agree that in 'School for Scandal' "The heroines of comedy are not necessarily heartless even though they are clear sighted"

The School for Scandal written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. This play insults the virtues and customs of upper classes brought out through an ingenious exchange of ideas and a entangled plot with comic situations that are utilized to personify the characters in the 17th century. Lady Sneerwell plots to separate Charles and Maria for the reason that she wants Charles, with the help of Joseph and at the same time Lady Teazle and Sir Peter Teazle's relationship is on the hinges due to the constant gossiping. Sheridan enlivens the female characters with a greater sense of interiority, wit and eloquence than his male characters as he brings about the stock characters like the flirt, the gossip and the bore together on stage; however some characters have unique qualities. 'The basic formula for comedy has had more to do with conventions and expectations of plot and character than with a requirement of lewd jokes or cartoonish pratfalls'. Many people may argue that the heroines of comedy are heartless as they are in control of their own actions moreover they have a choice to do the bad or good things, furthermore they have been portrayed in such a way by R.B Sheridan that the society may consider the heroines to be heartless. Nevertheless in my opinion the heroines of comedy are not heartless as they have been a victim of society in the 17th century. We should not see the heroines as heartless people, but instead we should feel pity for them as they have been used as an ideal tool for the social mockery.

The play 'School for Scandal' represents a comedy of manners and sentimental comedy. The plot line involving Charles and Maria represents the sentimental comedy, while the plot involving Lady Sneerwell, Joseph, Lady Teazle had more of a comedy of manners feel. The reconciliation between Sir Peter and Lady Teazle is a...
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