To What Extent Did War Affect the Course of Revolution?

Topics: French Revolution, Republic, Radical Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: May 3, 2013
To what extent did war affect the course of Revolution?
There are many various arguments supporting the view that the war did affect the course of Revolution and many that oppose this view. The Revolution did become more radical during the time of the war as the Jacobin terror became more prevalent, however some people argue that the war did not directly cause this, that the Revolution was moving towards a more radical stance anyway. Others may argue that yes, the Revolution was moving towards a more radical stance, but the war influenced it to do so far more quickly and extremely. There were very big changes made in the structure and the control of Government during this time period. This of course had its effect on the people as it completely changed the way they lived and the running of their home country. Many people disliked the new rules and laws in France with many victims of the revolution, mostly aristocrats and non juring priests left France, acquiring the name ‘émigrés’, yet many people were in favour of the new laws and ways of running France. A new decentralised administrative was established, this along with the new laws and ideas in France did equal in the appearance of many new radicals. The new structure and reorganisation of Government can be said to be a factor in more radicalism in Paris and throughout France as it directly changed people’s lives. In 1792 the Monarchy in France was overthrown and a republic was established. This was a great change to France which had always been under rule of a Monarchy. In principle it was on the way to fulfilling the tree aims of the revolution; liberty, equality and fraternity, however it did cause what some say to be the first major development of the war as joint Austrian and Prussian forces invaded the northeast of France in August. Their intention was to heighten revolutionary fervour in Paris, however this is what is believed to be the main cause in sparking of the September massacres. This is an...
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