To What Extent Did the Paris Peace Settlement Pave the Way for the Second World War?

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  • Published : September 15, 2012
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To what extent did the Paris Peace Settlement pave the way for the Second World War?

The Paris Peace Settlement is a collective term for all the peace treaties signed and agreements made at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. It also led to the establishment of League of Nations.The Paris Peace Settlement, to a large extent, paved the way for the Second World War. However, there were other factors which brought about such a development. The Paris Peace Settlement aroused the resentment of Germany and a strong desire for revenge among the Germans. Since Italy failed to get what it thought it deserved in the Paris Peace Settlement, the Italians were very discontented. Such disappointment created a desire for foreign aggression. The Germans were very discontented with the harsh terms of the Paris Peace Settlement. Therefore, they supported the Nazi Party for the purpose of abolishing the Paris Peace Settlement. Many new nation states were established in Europe due to the Paris Peace Settlement. Since they were newly established, they were not strong enough to protect themselves. As a result, they became the targets of foreign expansion. Germany’s invasion of Poland was one of the examples. According to the Paris Peace Settlement, the League of Nations was established for maintaining world peace. However, it lacked the participation of major powers and a permanent army. As a result, it failed to stop the aggression of Germany, Italy and Japan. The Paris Peace Settlement merely focused on how to punish the defeated nations without discussing the reconstruction of Europe’s economy. The European countries faced serious economic problems caused by the First World War. Besides, the defeated nations had to pay a huge sum of reparations. These seriously affected their post-war economic recovery and caused widespread discontent among their people. In addition, the victorious powers were incapable of checking the aggression of Germany and Italy, and these encouraged...
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