To What Extent Did the Nazi Rule Benefit the People of Germany Between 1933-1939?

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  • Published : July 6, 2012
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Benefits of Nazi Rule to Germany Population (1933-1939)


A: Plan of Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the benefits that the German people enjoyed under the leadership of Hitler and his Nazi regime from 1933-1939. According to Casarani (2004: 380-390), after the shameless put down that the German people had to endure as a consequence of the Treaty of Versatile,many German compatriots were convinced of the fact that it was Hitler’s triumphs that enabled Germany as a country, to regain a sense of pride and show its face again in the international arena without any feelings of embarrassment. In his policy of ‘Joy through Work’ the Germany people were also allowed leaves and holidays from work for the first time. Moreover, many of these vacations were free courtesy of the Nazi regime(Evans, 2005: 930-941). B: Summary of Evidence

According to Steiner (2011: 45) one of the ways that the German people benefitted from Hitler and the Nazi regime was in terms of Hitler’s economic policy. As is to be expected even in the modern day political systems, people are usually attracted to regimes that show a propensity towards being able to improve their economic wellbeing and in the process increase their wealth, status and influence. •In the period post the Wall St. Crash in the year 1929, Hitler and his Nazi followers realized that there were a variety of issues that they had to find solutions for if they wanted to gain the mass support of the German people. The first issue was the high rate of joblessness that amounted to millions upon millions of German nationals by the year 1932(Evans, 2005: 930-941). •Sosnowski (1960: 200-220) asserts that despite these perceived benefits, the literature review below depicts the German peoples’ rights of speech and many other liberties were gagged by Hitler and his regime. The surveillance of intelligence was heightened so that Hitler could be able to spy on the people and get rid of those who were perceived as being against him or non-belligerent to the Jews. •As if this was not enough, there also existed a prevalent existence of inflation and hyperinflation within the German nation which had began in the 1920s. In the early years of the 20th century the Nazis were either unacknowledged or unpopular in many parts of German. Nevertheless, from the year 1933, things took a dramatic turn as a consequence of the financial strategies that were formulated by HitlerSosnowski (1960: 200-220). •According to Noakes and Prithan(2000: 430- 450), on the 2nd of May the year 1933, following the orders of Hitler, Sturm Abteilung took into custody the heads of trade unions in Germany and incarcerated them. After this there was the formation of the Labor Front, commonly abbreviated as DAF, which became the only movement of trade existent in Germany. •In the same year Robert Ley formulated the policies of Pay Freeze. It was now the solely the responsibility of the Labor Front union to establish the amount the different workers in German would be paid as their wages(Evans, 2005: 930-941). •The diverse types of employers in Germany were under no circumstances allowed to cut down the number of their employees with authorization from the Nazi Regime. In addition to this, due to Hitler’s interests in increasing the armed forces of Germany, many millions who had been previously jobless were now employed in weapon manufacturing factories or recruited into the armed forces (Tooze, 2007: 709-799). •Apart from the employment presented by the Nazi Regime, the possessions that were gotten from Jews by the regime were distributed amongst the Germany nationals. Many German’s financial statuses are believed to have improved as a result of this inhuman plunder of the Jews.On the other hand, the German peoples’ rights of speech and many other liberties were gagged by Hitler and his regime(Evans, 2005: 930-941). • The people’s lives were under...
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