To What Extent Did the Domino Theory Cause Continued Us Support for South Korea in the Period 1950 -1953?

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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The US, China and Russia were three major superpowers to become embroiled in the Korean War. Many historians argue that the Korean war was a conflict of opposing ideologies, communism and capitalism, however after Korea was freed from the Japanese in 1945 it was weak and volatile nation with no true government, it could be argued that the UN should have paid more attention to Korea, however it turned out that Syngman Rhee, leader of the south, and Kim Ill Sung, leader of the north, both wanted total control of the country. Evidently America did maintain involvement in Korea to stop the spread of communism; nevertheless the domino theory may not be the key factor for Truman’s when deciding to maintain involvement in supporting South Korea against the North.

It could be argued that the domino theory was not the reason for continued US support for the south due to the NSC-68 document. The NSC-68 required that the United States must increase defense spending to as much as $50 billion per year from the original $13 billion set for 1950. Therefore Truman may have used the Korean War, and continued support in order to justify a considerable jump in defense spending in such a short period. Also, NSC-68 required that the US ‘Conduct offensive operations to destroy vital elements of the Soviet war-making capacity, and to keep the enemy off balance until the full offensive strength of the United States and its allies can be brought to bear’, therefore is could potentially be argued that the American’s used the Korean war to almost unsettle the large opposing super powers, Russia and China, until the American and other US ally’s forces were up to a respectable standard to defend against any Soviet or Chinese attack in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

The domino theory increased US support for South Korea due to the immense pressure Truman was under domestically. President Truman was under immense pressure from leading Republicans already due to the fact he had...
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