To What Extent Did the American Revolution Fundamentally Chang American Society?

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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The American revolution fundamentally changed American society politically(colonies formed the federal government), economically (more use of agriculture), and socially (women used for labor and the fight for more religious freedom.) The American revolution fundamentally changed american society politically (docs c, e, I.) our founding fathers thought that the new country needed a better federal government. This is proved in doc I which is a piece from the federalist written by James Madison. This piece Madison is trying to persuade the people to help him form a new government. He states that you must first enable the government to control the governed. This also proved by writing the constitution. The constitution took place of the articles of confederation and set up a stronger federal government. The government finally came with peace with the Indians are offering and basically begging for the government to come to peace with them and form an allliance. From this on can infer thy the native indians extremely wants peace with the new country. The American revolution fundamentally changed American society socially (docs a, h, d). The interactions with women of labor. Document a is a picture of a woman holding a gun with an apron on and a bugle. Before the American revolution women generally worked in the house an kept the kids. But, because of the American revolution women had to perform a mans role. When the men left and women took change citizens gained more religious freedom. The American revolution fundamentally changed American society economically (document f). The economy at this time relied on agriculture. The picture in doc f shows plowing a field with an ox. The woman in the picture is picking up crops behind the man and the ox. From this one can infer the south became important in the economic society. The country was completely dependent on agriculture.
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