To What Extent Christopher Columber Was a Pioneer?

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Isabella I of Castile, Ferdinand II of Aragon Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy and died in 1506. He is the one who discovered the continent of America. He is a navigator, colonizer, and explorer. He had four voyages to accomplish his goal, which was to find the new land that Europeans did not know. Since 1484, he suggested supports for many trips to kings or queens in Spain, England, Portugal, and France but all those plans got rejected. Later, he got supports from Queen Isabella and King Fernando from Spain. Christopher Columbus started to make treaty with them. He suggested to have ten percent of money that he earned, one eighth of all trade was his, and wanted himself to be a governor if the land was colonized by him. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand talked about this for a long time. However, they decided to follow the treaty and supported Christopher Columbus at last. At first, he went to present-day Haiti and Cuba. Then, he moved to Honduras and the Isthmus of Panama. He ended up with finding the new land, making trade system, and changing the worldview of Europeans.

First of all, Christopher Columbus is such a pioneer to find the new land. He thought he had gone near Asia and when he found the land he thought it was India, the country with full of flavors. Later, after he passed away, people found out that it was not India. The land that he found was America. However, Christopher Columbus was not the very first one who found the land of America. The ancestors of Native Indians might be the one who found this land for the first time. But, Christopher Columbus still considered as the hero because he was the first one who discovered the land to develop as a present-day country of United States of America. Secondly, he made the trade system. By this trade system, people in Europe could earn corns, beans, vanilla, and chocolate. And people in other land could get wheat, rice, sugar, and coffee. When Europeans was migrating to America, they brought all...
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