To What Extent Can the Problem of Urbanization Be Met by a Policy of Sustainable Development?

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Urbanization is inspired by the word sustainability since 1990, and particularly in the developing world. So we need to know what urbanization is and what is sustainable development in LEDCs (Least Developed Countries)? Urbanization means to make area into town and make country person move to city, and sustainable development consists of finding a proper path towards social, economic and ecological evolution. Urbanization has brought enormous social and economic changes in developing-countries. As far as people are trying to have significant growth and improvement in their lives they are moving from rural to urban areas that these movements are causing over population. This over population causes other problems as Traffic congestion and poor quality urban space.

These challenges are the main factors which need specific attention and improvement in order to achieve sustainability, for lead the urbanization problems to sustainable developments require fresh and thoughtful approaches. So approaches that can solve urban housing problem are that cities provide high-rise flats, self-helped house and prevent unlawful house building. To prevent Traffic congestion people should be encouraged to use public transport and for short ways use the pedestrians and improve road systems. So keeping in mind the above solutions to higher extend I think sustainable development can solve the urbanization problems.

Urbanization is now a Least Developed Countries phenomenon. Developing countries are facing several challenges in almost all cities, and factors such as better living conditions, health care, entertainment and more jobs with better pay appreciate people to move from rural parts to cities. This movement of rural to urban area creates overpopulation problem. When there is assortment of huge population most of the city is not having the capacity and planning of providing proper shelter and better water supply to the migrants. Therefore, the houses of the poor are mostly...
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