To What Extent Can Technology Help Solve the Problem of Food Shortages in the World?

Topics: Third World, First World, Second World Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: August 15, 2008
I think that technology can help to solve the problem of food shortages to a small extent.

Technology can help to solve the problem of food shortages by increasing the rate of production of food. It increases the rate by manufacturing machines to aid the farmers in their daily farming processes (e.g. a tractor for harvesting crops) or by inventing a new farming technology to revolutionize the traditional farming methods. An example of this would be the invention of genetic engineering. The particular technology has helped to increase the rate of production at a shorter time, and therefore increasing the output by almost 300%. As the population is now increasing at a fast and alarming rate, we therefore have to think of ways to increase the outputs at a shorter time. Traditional agriculture methods take up too much land as compared to high technological farming methods and also produce fewer outputs at a slower rate. Judging by this, we can clearly see how technology can increase the outputs and a much faster rate and this means that the extra food could be given to third world countries that are experiencing food shortages.

However, I think technology cannot solve the problem for food shortages.

Technology cannot help to solve the problem in the long term. Technology requires the use of precious metals to manufacture machinery in order to carry out the technologies to aid farming. As the world population is increasing, the demand for precious metals becomes higher. Soon, there would be too little precious metals left to meet the demands. This in turn means that we would not be able to produce the machineries that are heavily depended on by the technologies and the technologies could no longer be able to be carried out due to the lack of machinery and therefore cannot solve the problem of food shortages anymore.

No matter how the technology tries to increase the rate of food production, it still cannot meet the demand of the growing population. As...
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