To What Extent Can Improvements in Productive Flow and Product Quality Lead to an Increase in Sales and Profit

Topics: Production and manufacturing, Manufacturing, Assembly line Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Productive flow and product quality are inextricably bound up with and defining of any product’s profit and sales. The changes and improvements that can be implemented on the manufacture flow and quality of a certain product have a direct impact on the sales and the profit as they are the two determining factors leading to a change in the profit and sales numbers. After a thorough investigation of both productive flow and product quality, the links connecting those two to the sales and profit numbers of a product can be observed and better insight into the matter at hand can be provided by real life examples. The term production flow refers mainly to the concept of mass production which in turn can be described and endorsed by the idea of the production of large numbers of a product being manufactured by standardized procedure or also referred to as assembly line. Production flow is a type of manufacturing used by many different businesses as it makes the production process much more efficient while at the same time easier and quicker. Once the basis for the production flow is laid it is a fairly simple process but the starting of the procedure itself is the part that is accepted to be the most difficult and cumbersome. As the production flow method essentially embodies the idea of mass production it is only natural that machinery is relied on for doing the majority of the work and therefore a lot of resources should be invested in the machines. This leads to the starting of an assembly line being largely associated with higher costs and this is why mostly large manufacturing organizations chose this method instead of batch processing or the hand making of things, since they make the production of many duplicate items fairly difficult and sometimes even impossible. Machines involved in the process of creating the certain product should be picked up carefully as possible a possible problem with any of the machines may lead to the interruption of the production...
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