To What Extent Can Control of Written Language Create or Reinforce Power?

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  • Published : December 1, 2010
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To what extent can control of written language create or reinforce power? Written language is intended to influence both our thoughts and behavior. Today, we depend on written language as our sense of thought. It is often questioned that if it weren’t for written language, would individual thoughts ever be able to exist? However, it is evident that thoughts cannot exist without written language, ultimately inferring that written language is a tool used to both create as well as reinforce power. Today, written language plays a key role in society; to some, it is considered as the world’s universal discipline and is identified as the mold for our world today. Written language exerts a sort of hidden power. In regards to the role of written language, and its relationship towards authority, it is evident that it creates and reinforces power over societies of today. Powerful figures often use specific terminology within certain texts in order to create and reinforce power, especially over those who are inferior to them. For example, the Weekly Standard has myriads of articles that are financially supported by Rupert Murdock who owns Fox News. Fox News is well known for its biased and manipulative information. Like Fox News, the Weekly Standard also specific written language in order to manipulate its readers; in addition, Weekly Standard is able to create and reinforce power, as the majority of its readers are unable to pinpoint the biased information being portrayed. For example, the Weekly Standard often includes biased information with regards to America’s government, and to those who are in power or who have been in power, such as President Bush. Clearly, based on the example above, it is evident that without written language, the majority of the world’s different civilizations wouldn’t be able to express such powerful accusations over the world and the societies confined within it. As a result, without such biased news sources, and specific manipulative...
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