To What Extent Can Changing Product Strategies Help Samsung’s Development After Apple’s Suit?

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Extended Essay in Business & Management

The Developed Strategies of Samsung after Suit.

To What Extent Can Changing Product Strategies help Samsung’s development after Apple’s suit?


The objective of this essay is to answer the research question “To What Extent Can Changing Product Strategies help Samsung’s development after Apple’s suit?”

This question is answered by applying Business & Management theory to Samsung’s reaction after Apple’s suit. And then I use those theories to prove whether or not it’s good for Samsung’s future development. The information suggested in theories comes predominantly from secondary research.

The source showed Samsung’s pricing strategy on its smart phone is following the market leader, which is called “going rate pricing” in our context. This strategy made Samsung gained the largest market share because at similar price suggested on iPhone, Samsung’s product has a better quality. Samsung’s this pricing strategy is very clever and successful.

The source showed Samsung just innovates a brand new technology in year 2013, which is flexible screen. Pushing a very imaginary product after fail Apple’s suit is very challenging and risky. But Samsung’s innovation is very decent and affective and have a high potential to grow, which can list as a very considering strategy.

The source showed in Samsung’s new product, they change their operate system from Android to Windows Phone 8. Android, used in most Samsung previous smart phones, is the main source Apple suited about. The similar interface and the similar function. So to prevent this kind of thing not happen again, Samsung does a very good decision. Besides, Windows Phone 8 is considered has a high potential new generation system. So this strategy can help Samsung a lot in case.

This essay concludes that Samsung’s new strategies can affect Samsung’s development positively because the wise pricing strategies they use, the great innovation they developed and the opportune change they made on the operate system.

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Table of Contents

Abstract 2

Introduction 4

Methodology 4

Theory used 5

Body 6

Background 6

Application of theory 7

Price 7

Innovation 7

Lewin’s Field Force Analysis 10

Conclusion 11


Appendix A 13


In this extended essay, I will analyze factors in my research question and prove how they are going to answer it. My research question, which is “To What Extent Can Changing Product Strategies and Having Experience of Patent Problem from Apple’s case Affect Samsung’s Development?” is appeared in my mind after Apple’s law suiting Samsung on patent case became a popular topic. Being market leaders at cell phone industry, Apple and Samsung both stand a huge part of market share but in totally different operating systems which now cover almost 80% of cellphones. Android, an open-sourced operating system, provides efficiency to a lot of designers and solves many problems of cellphone companies. At earlier time, Apple was benefited and was interested from its beautiful and straightforward operating system at the first hand it published. Operating systems of other cellphones were shown too complicated and mess facing the IOS, the operating system developed by Apple, so companies like Samsung’s...
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