To What Extent Are Employers Looking for Communication Skills in University Graduates?

Topics: Communication, Writing, Employment Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: February 15, 2013
This essay will discuss and detail what potential employers look for in graduates when they leave their respect universities and to what extent are communication skills important to them. In order to completely understand the question key terms need to be explained. Communication is usually described as the exchange of information from one person to another through written or spoken words, symbols and or actions to reach a common understanding (Boddy, 2008). The term graduate relates to a person would has completed and passed a course of study e.g. been awarded a degree in sociology. Graduates study in a learning institute to work towards the aim of a successful completion in order to be more desirable to potential employers. Communication can be seen as one of if not the number one key skills that employers look for in a potential graduate hire. Furthermore, competencies in this area will only become more valuable as technology makes it easier for us to communicate in different ways. Employees need to understand how to communication quickly and effectively to be productive in ways such as emails, instant messaging, letters and reports. Importance of Communication to Employers

Workplaces demand good communication skills and successful careers require you to communicate not only in writing but by presentation also (Stevens, B, 2005). A join study (Austin knight, People Management, 1997) has found that 2/3 of graduates that are recruited are not trained on essential interpersonal skills. Training professionals are said to have wanted communication skills built into the standard academic curriculum as employers have no real way to define and measure these types of skills. Oral communication within this study was found to be the most important, but was lacking in newly recruited persons coming straight from higher education. Another 2 studies (Mases, Jeanne D et al, 1997) revealed a similar result that oral communication was the most important for...
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