To What Extend Has the Globalisation Changed Higher Education Around the World

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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To what extend has the globalisation changed higher education around the world?

Generally speaking, globalisation is defined as the broad economic, scientific, and technological trends that directly affect society and are largely inevitable, especially on higher education (Altbach, 2000). However, globalisation is significant in some people’s opinion while others consider that the globalisation only brings negative influnences on higher education. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the aspects in which globalisation affected the higher education on the globalisation-produced challenges for non-native English speakers, the barriers in technologies introduction and the benefits in higher education reform.

English is the widest used language globally in this current period. Therefore, under the influence of globalisation. English has been the main feature of the most important prominent academic systems in higher education. Therefore,it is the role of English in higher education system is causing an inequality between native and non-native English speakers. According to Altbach (2000), many scientific journals are edited in the USA, which brings an advantage to the native authors. It is not only because that they are writing in the mother language but also the peer review system is dominated by people who are used to American language and methodology, while other people have to attempt to get accustomed to English-a foreign language,and conform to unfamiliar academic norms (Altbach, 2004). Furthermore, sparing effort on acquiring the functional skills in English is generally considered not worthy, because the time could be spent on learning more productive and useful skills (Wanner, 2009). On the whole, in the situation that English language providers have dominated the field of globalised teaching and learning, and the technologies of supporting global communications’ development, local civilization values are becoming endangered. As is claimed by Reinke...
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