To Understand the Most Important Characteristics of a Society, One Must Study Its Major Cities

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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There is little doubt that major cities are definitely significant compositions of a country, which are often banded as the symbols of policy, economy and culture of national or local authorities. However, it is the great efforts which governments have been made to develop these cities that may belie the actual facts of the most important characteristics of a society. Major cities are doubtlessly more prospective than other smaller cities and rural areas. Governments invest plenty of money and ratify some special agreements inclined to the development of major cities, a lot of workforce flow into them by the attraction. Superficial prospect of major cities cannot permanently disguise the rooted characteristics of a society, which will essentially impact the actual progression of a whole country. It is noteworthy that what are happening in other places and what are the problems behind the booming of major cities. First of all, major cities are dominated by various industries, which is a symbol of a country's development. However, can a country only relay on industry? The answer is definitely no. The agriculture is always the basis of a country since ancient times. Nowadays, in China, a lot of farmers, especially the youths, flow into the major cities since they can earn more money for serving in industry, leaving plenty of bare farmlands in the rural areas. The agriculture is waning and the environment is deteriorating since a large number of lands have become wild. From this point of view, can you claim that study the characteristics of its major cities is enough in order to understand a whole society. To understand a society's feather is to help a country progressive in a right direction, rather than show off its achievements. So it is not sensible to focus on the major cities. The condition of a country is complex, especially for a country like China which has large terrains and population and various racial groups. Major cities have given us a strong sense of...
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