To the Lighthouse Symbolism

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To the Lighthouse


Part 1: The Window

The novel starts in the Ramsays' summer home. Mr Ramsay tells to the family that will take them to the Lighthouse on the next day but it wasn’t possible due to bad weather. This makes a certain tension between James the son of the family and his father because he really wants to get to the Lighthouse. In this part Lily Briscoe attempts to paint a portrayal of Mrs Ramsay and her son James.

Part 2: Time passes

This second part gives the feeling of time passing and also death. Ten years pass, during which the four-year First World War begins and ends and also Mrs Ramsay passes away.

Part 3: The Lighthouse

In the final part the remaining members of the Ramsay family return to their summer house ten years after part 1. Mr Ramsay finally decides to keep his word and take his son James and his daughter Camila to the Lighthouse. In this section Lily attempts to finally complete the painting that she started in part 1. Upon finishing the painting (and at the same time the sailing boat of Ramsay family reaches the lighthouse) and seeing that it satisfies her, she realizes that the execution of her vision is more important to her than the idea of leaving some sort of legacy in her work.

Symbolism of the Lighthouse.

Before launching into what Virginia Woolf might be talking about Lighthouse I’m going to take a few seconds to explain you what it is. The meaning of Lighthouse it refers to beacon it's something people who are lost can look towards for guidance and the light it moves around. When the night falls, it flashes on, and when the sun rises, it shuts off. So a lighthouse works as both a symbol of stability (as a beacon) and of change (as its lights go on and off with the turning of the day).

Now, about this specific Lighthouse. We know that it's visible from the Ramsays' summer home but separated from it by a stretch of sea. And we know that, at least at first, James Ramsay really wants to...
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