To the Flowers of Heidelberg

Topics: Fatherland, Homeland, Sun Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Go to my country, go foreign flowers,
Planted by the traveler on his way,
And there beneath that sky of blue
That over my beloved towers,
Speak for this traveler to say
What faith in his homeland he breathes to you.
(Rizal in this paragraph poetically requests the flowers of Heidelberg to speak of him in the Philippines)

Go and say.... Say that when the dawn
First brew your calyx open there
Beside the River Necker chill,
You saw him standing by you, very still,
Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear.

Say that when the morning light
Her toll of perfume from you wrung,
While playfully she whispered, "How I love you!"
He too murmured here above you
Tender love songs in his native tongue.

That when the rising sun the height
Of Koenigsthul in early morn first spies,
And with its tepid light
Is pouring life in valley, wood, and grove,
He greets the sun as it begins to rise,
Which in his native land is blazing straight above.
(These three paragraphs mentions the times of day starting from dawn and the break of sunlight. He beautifully asked the flowers to bear witness to his undying concern for his motherland when at dawn he sings to the flowers native songs in exchange of their gift of natural perfume. And in the morning under the soft light of the early sun he reflects still of his motherland where the same sun now is at its highest... as if he is connected with his motherland through the sun)

And tell them of that day he staid
And plucked you from the border of the path,
Amid the ruins of the feudal castle,
By the River Neckar, and in the sylvan shade,

Tell them what he told you
As tenderly he took
Your pliant leaves and pressed them in a book,
Where now its well-worn pages close enfold you.
(Rizal poetically describes his plan for the flowers to carry his message to his motherland. He plucks them and preserves them in his book)

Carry, carry, flowers of Rhine,
Love to every love of mine,...
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